Q: Can I use these if I have short nails?

A: Yes!! I keep my nails short and these are easy to use. Now, my sister has longer nails and she uses them too. So, yes, they look awesome on all nail lengths. 


Q: Are these difficult to apply?

A: No! These aren’t difficult to apply but the first set or two will probably take longer to apply. Totally normal. It gets easier. Trust us.


Q: Do I need a Bonder or Top Coat?

A: No, this is not required. Some people love it and feel it adds to the life and wear length of your nail wraps. Other people never use it. Totally up to you!


Q: How long will these last on me?

A: Hmm, always a little bit of a tricky question here. Quite honestly, it depends on what line you choose and how hard you are on your nails.


Q: How do I remove my wraps?

A: These are super easy to remove since they are made from nail polish. Just use regular nail polish remover.


Q: Do you have seasonal designs?

A: Yes! Be on the lookout for our upcoming Holiday designs. They are super cute!