How to Apply

Application Tips For Best Results:

  • Remove previous nail polish.
  • Push back cuticles.
  • Wipe nails with rubbing alcohol. If not possible, wash nail beds and thoroughly pat dry.
  • Use a Bonder if you choose. We like the brand Orly. (This is not required but it may add to the life of your new nails).  
  • If using Bonder, allow time to thoroughly dry. 
  • Select nails that fit your nail bed best. A little smaller is better than too big. It’s easier to start with pinkies and work to thumbs.
  • Choose nail, peel top plastic layer off. This is CRITICAL! You will use the rounded edge of the wrap (not the end you tore the nail wrap away from the nail strip).
  • Next, peel the backing off of the nail. This is the sticky part that will adhere to your nail bed.
  • Place the nail on nail bed starting at base of nail.
  • Use cuticle pusher end to help smooth any creases.
  • Trim Excess off end of nail wrap.
  • Use nail file in up and down motion. Not a saw motion.

Using a Top Coat is totally optional. Our favorites are CnD Vinyl Lux or Orly Sec Dry.

***Important to note that some FAST DRYING TOP COATS may cause shrinkage and/or ruin the nail wrap. I always suggest a test nail for the top coat using one of the nails that I won’t be using in my set.

DO NOT immerse hands in water for at least two hours post application. The nail continues to set and adhere after application.

Sunscreen can damage or make tacky to the touch. 

Now, go enjoy your lovely new nails! I’m sure they look awesome! Please share your nails pics with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Pretty please💗